Our mission is to Make Regional Innovations a Global Success...

Globalization is becoming a constantly accelerating reality. Major markets such as North America, Asia and Europe are converging quickly; both in technological infrastructure and in market maturity - especially in the areas of mobile wireless communications and internet business technologies.

Furthermore, there are a number of very advanced global centers that are generating powerful new technologies and solutions for improving the quality of life in every region. Some of these are located in the major global markets, however one of the world’s leading centers of excellence is located in Israel, where we are headquartered.

Proven technologies or business models in one region have an enormous opportunity to leverage their local success on a global basis but are often limited in human and capital resources, foreign market expertise, foreign market contacts for potential partnerships and management bandwidth to support foreign operations/customers.

This is where UIM provides the support to bridge the gap between the global opportunities and the regional execution.

What we do...
UIM seeks out promising technologies or business models that have been proven (at least with successful beta projects and/or clear customer references) in a particular region, conducts preliminary due diligence and, if convinced of the strength of the technology, team and business concept, will investigate potential global opportunities for the business.

Should a clear opportunity exist, UIM will provide resources (both capital and human) to execute the market entry into a new region with the support of its global network of partners in return for an equity stake in either the company or its regional affiliate.

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